Where's everone at?

I know not too many folks read blogs anymore, and I've been pretty lax on updating this thing since cyclocross has been over, so I'm guilty of blog neglect too.

Not a whole lot going on lately, just base stuff on the bike with some climbing at a hard pace when we've been able to ride outside.. lots of meters in the pool and minimal running since the Run for Regis 1/2 trail marathon on January 13th. which I finished 9th overall by the way ;-)  Been feeling pretty decent lately since I've eased off of the training to re-cupe after a long 2012 season. I've been seeing Chris Martino for some much needed massage therapy which has made me feel better too.  Both Tony and I got new Felt 29er mtb's and have been riding those quite a bit and plan on doing more mountain bike racing once again in 2013 along with some XTERRA triathlons. Looking forward to some nicer weather coming up so we can get out and enjoy this stuff we love so much on a more consistant basis. The easy off season stuff is nice and much needed but it's always nice to be able to get out on the bike in nice weather without spending fifteen minutes getting dressed so we won't freeze to death..

See you all soon.

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