Serious blog neglect

First post here since February, damn, I almost forgot I even had a blog...
Besides a few trail running races earlier this year and the OMBC Mohican MTB race, it's just been training as usual. Well not really as usual since I changed things up a bit for this season. I suffered from some serious ITBS after the Regis 1/2, but that was mainly from ramping up my running mileage after cross too quick and running lots of hills around here and in the CVNP where I could absolutely run trails all day, pretty much what I did until my left Iliotibial band said that's enough of that, I need a break. So, I sought out some much needed relief my friend and massage therapist extrordinare Chris Martino and paid him a few visits. He worked his magic on me and had me saying cuss words that I haven't said in years, but the pain he inflicted on me worked and he really gave great advise as to how to treat ITBS. I highly recommend Chris to anyone that needs a deep massage for nagging injuries or just maintenance massages, he does a great job and is highly professional.

I have been running pain free now and have ramped up my mileage and speed training for tri season and haven't felt better in years. Swim training has been going good too. We've been averaging three days a week in the water and sometimes four with a long main set on the weekend. The bike is feeling strong as well. The plan is more mountain bike racing this season in prep for cross season in the Fall. We've got some XTERRA tris on the schedule as well. XTERRA Clear Fork near Cincy and XTERRA Appalachain in Indiana PA. Love ridin that new Felt 9 29er. Along with Age Group Nationals in Milwaukee Wisconsin, Taylorsville Multisport Festival in Taylorsville Kentucky and Presque Isle Triathlon in PA, most of the racing will be in Ohio, with a few HFP's thrown in there too, good solid competition in those races for sure.

Looks like Ohio is going to be a hot-bed for cross this year too, so not much reason for any long distance travelling to race. Between the three big cities there's going to be enough cross racing to make us all happy and some intense competition with the new Ohio Cup...... More details to be announced later ;-)

Well that's about it for now until I give some race reports and recaps. I hope everyone is doing well, race season is upon us and some of the bike racing is very intense at this point. It always amazes me year after year how everyone come's into the early season so strong and fit. Just goes to show what a great area this is for competitive racing. Keep up the great work everyone, stay safe and train hard.


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