2012 & 2013

Looking back on the 2012 season I was mostly happy with my training and racing. I was a little more focused on specific area's of training and incorporated some new workout's that targeted those area's which I believe paid off for me in races for the most part. I plan on doing more of the same in 2013 with a lil tweek here and there, but mostly I'm just going to be working on bettering my technique in all disciplines which will result in more efficiency, not necessarily more speed, which I will just try to maintain...Lets be honest, at this age it's pretty hard to get too much faster than we already are, so efficiency and maintenance are key. So as I enter the 2013 season another year older and I'd like to say a bit wiser, my focus and determination is just as strong as in years past if not stronger. I have one specific race that haunts me though and that's USAT Age Group Nationals and my bike to run transition that ruined the race for me. I can accept my placing if I know I laid everything on the line during the race, but the way I destroyed T-2 was un-acceptable. So, as I qualified again for the 2013 Nationals which will be held in Milwaukee Wisconsin in August, I plan on being better prepared so when I finish I can say it is what it is and I did my best, whatever the outcome.

I plan on another good 2013 cross season as well. As it's hard to transition to cross from triathlon in the form of power jumps, I'm looking to get in some Westlake training races once again which will give me the training for that. I haven't did many Westlake's in the past two years so it should be exciting once again. I did alot of cross workout's at the Outdoor YMCA in Perry which helped alot for this season, but there's nothing like the intensity of the Westlake races.

We're gearing up right now for some long trail running races in 2013. We have a few 1/2 Marathons on the schedule and possibly a Marathon in the Spring along with our annual (different state early spring triathlon) which will be the Taylorsville Kentucky 70.3 in May, which is just outside of Louisville. In fact, when we go to Louisville in February to watch the Elite World CX race, we're going to ride the 70.3 bike course while we're there.

So as we start the new year in another week I would just like to say to everyone that I have raced, rode, ran and swam with over the years and also to the new faces that are popping up at the tri's and cross races, keep running, riding, swimming, skiing, hiking, kayaking etc. and stay the course even though you might feel like throwing in the towel sometimes, because this endurance lifestyle that we live is an awesome one and one that we can keep on living for a lifetime.

Thanks for reading.

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