Running and Swimming

Been putting quite a bit of time in the pool and running once again now that cross is over. The swimming has been going good and I'm feeling pretty smooth in the water. I havent been doing as much trail running as I would have liked but I've been getting some nice miles in on the road. Been working on the leg turnover quite a bit lately as I have been on the bike, pedaling a little higher cadence than usual. The weather has been pretty cooperative lately so we've been on the bike more than normal for this time of the year, which is nice, mostly doing training paced stuff or rolling out on the cross bikes. Today was the first really cold ride of the year when Tony and I started out at about 9:00 am it was only 31* and didn't warm up, but there wasn't much wind which equaled an hour and a half on the cx rigs, then after that we hit up the pool for 1600m with the ole 10x100 w/o since we were kinda time pressed and the geriatric group was starting their water aerobics class.
Looks like a snowy trail run in the morning then off to Akron in the afternoon for an early Christmas party at Wasabi.


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