2012 Calendar

Starting to get things in order for the 2012 season already, yea I know it's not even 2012 yet, but it will be soon.
Going to do an early season triathlon once again in Virginia followed by a 5 or 10k race the next day. We have some nice bike races and some team events that are in the works that should be awesome. I'm going to hit up the Mideast Regional Triathlon Championship race in August and also do a road trip to Burlington Vermont for a lil tri up there as well as some HFP races and the local must do's... (Greater Cleveland, Fairport)

I think I'm going to race most of the NEOCX cross series races this coming season since we are going to travel a little more for triathlon this year, (have to hit up the UCI weekend in Cinci though). We did more out of  the area races this season with the Cap City, OVCX and UCI events which equaled a ton of driving. I also plan on doing about the same mountain bike races as I did this season just to keep things fresh and fun.

Training has been pretty smooth, nothing major, just adding some distance to the runs and having fun staying fit.

Happy New Year to everyone and see you all soon.

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