Snowmagedden 2012

We got hammered with a true Lake Effect snow storm yesterday! Most Cleveland suburb areas saw only a dusting to maybe six inches, out here in the snowbelt we got nearly 36", I can honestly say I never remember getting as much snow as we got yesterday in such a short time. It started snowing at about midnight on Friday and only intensified as the night and day went along, it eased up for about an hour and we thought OK this is good. We finished clearing all the snow in the driveways which took about four hours then went inside to get something to eat. When we looked out the window about an hour later it was like snowmageddon again, this time possibly worse than the first round. We ended cancelling our trip to our Bike Authority Fleet Feet triathlon get together in Brecksville due to the impassible roadways around here and opted for more shoveling to keep what we worked so hard all day long clear. We've actually dodged several large storms like this the past few winters so I guess we were due, the price we pay for living in the snowbelt of North Eastern Ohio.

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