Tour of the Big Creek Valley

aka the Flanders ride, is tomorrow at 10:00 am leaving from the LeRoy Fire Station. Jim Behrens mapped out another Spring Classics course which involves about 2500' of climbing in a 35 mile loop. Going to be a good one. A few of us are planning on riding extra mileage also.

Next weekend we're heading to Doug's in PA to get in a good weekend of training. We're planning on three days of Allegheny Mountainous riding with a swim and run workout thrown in for good measure. Looking forward to it.

Going to do the last Covered Bridge race and the last two RATL's. Looking forward to the Chippewa Creek race too even though I know that one is going to hurt big time. Have some MTB races on the schedule coming up too, so things are coming together with the training and racing.

Have a nice Easter weekend everyone.

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TRI714 said...

busy, busy !! sounds like great times though