PA weekend

Spent three days at Doug's cabin and we all could have spent much longer there, it's such a great place to train, relax and spend quality time with family and friends. We swam at the Oil City Y on Friday night since it was raining and we didn't have a whole lot of time to get out on the bikes and followed it up by a great, but late dinner at a nice little Italian place in Franklin called Leonardo's. We loaded up for Saturday's training ride which consisted of 50 miles with 4,500' of climbing with perfect weather conditions. Tony and Nick drove up for the day too so Tony could ride and then left later that afternoon. We headed down to Slippery Rock later on to North Country Brewing for some dinner and a few micro brews which by the way were awesome. We had some Cherry Garcia's and Firehouse Red's which I highly recommend if anyone is ever down that way along with a few steak sandwiches, burgers and sweet potato fries, after spending three plus hr's on the bike, the food and beers tasted very good! Here's the website for the brewery.  http://northcountrybrewing.com

Sunday we woke up to rainy conditions but headed down to Franklin for two loops of the Deep Hollow road loop. Deep Hollow road is over four miles long with a 5% grade with a sweet fast downhill back into Oil City where we took a road that parallels the Allegheny River back to the start of the loop. We were feeling pretty good so we took the hill pretty hard both times along with the flat back to the start where on the second loop on the flat Doug was feeling pretty good and kept the speed around 25 mph, Don and I weren't feeling quite that good and stayed a few bike lengths behind....... ;-) It actually only rained on us for the last five miles of the second loop, but we got soaked to the bone within that time. We loaded up the bikes and headed back to shower, pack up and say our goodbye's till next time. 

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