Getting race ready

We've been having some pretty intense bike workouts and training rides lately and I feel like I'm about ready to race. My knee is still feeling just a bit twingy if that's an actual word but I'm able to put some good power to it. I'm going to start with the 2nd. RATL race since the first one which is next Saturday is the Flanders style ride that Jim Behrens is putting on starting near the LeRoy TT course. He has a 35 mile loop mapped out riding in and out of the Big Creek Valley to Chardon and back which consists of steep hills, both short and steep and longer and steep. He said there is around 3500' of climbing in the 35 mile loop.

Got in a good 30 mile ride with Ray Huang, Craig Hannibal and Dave Berlecamp this morning from Squires Castle in some brutal winds, climbed strong and managed to get a run in before the ride started and my knee felt good, so I think I'll start hitting the track a couple times a week now, hopefully on a consistent basis.

See you all soon.


Janet Edwards said...

That is fabulous you have been getting out on the bike quite a bit given this weather. I feel a bit behind.

Wishing you Saturday riding luck with another awesome forecast for that day! (not!) :-(

Bill said...

HAHA, I know, high winds again and cold, but hopefully not all this rain. We've been riding and swimming but very low on the running miles du to knee problems. No problems with the bike and swim, the impact of running still makes my knee tender and I don't want to re-injure it again and not be able to race cross this fall. Cross has turned into a long season. Glad your doing so well also, keep up the good work! See ya soon.