Warmer weather

is on the way this week. After tomorrow's rainstorm it looks like we're in for some nice stuff for a change and it looks like we're turning the corner to warmer weather. This week was a decent week for training, I got about 100 miles in on the bike, two days being outside, a couple good swims and some strength work. It's been three weeks since I have ran and my knee is feeling better yet, hopefully in another three weeks I'll be good to go on it as far as running is concerned. I'm going to start off lightly and definitely not over do it, my fitness should be decent from swimming and biking so maybe it won't take too long to get back into running form.

I'm planning on doing the spring bike races this season with more mountain bike races and some Xterra running races. Tri season should be pretty much the same as last year with the exception of the Dam Tri in Meadville P.A. which has been replaced with the Raccoon Rally road and mountain bike race weekend, which is a great weekend by the way. I would like to do a few more time trials this year as well and if the schedule permits, do the Ohio State TT again this year. Planning on a full cross season again with possibly a few more races and I'm really gunning for the Cat.3 45+ Masters Ohio State jersey this year. I was close this past year with a 3rd. place podium and a few crashes that cost me, so if all goes well.............

Just now wrapped up the indoor home improvement projects, we went way above what we were originally going to do. One thing lead to another and next thing you know we're three months into it. That's okay things needed to be done and now that the nice weather is close I don't have to worry about them this summer and most of all Lynn is happy!

Hope all is well with everyone and see you all soon.

Pic. from todays ride going up a three mile climb.


KPark said...

Gotta know where this 3 mile climb is.

Bill said...

Starting at River Rd and 528 heading South into Thompson to Sidleys.