Pretty good week

Yesterday was two weeks and my knee is feeling better, still sore and twingy but I was able to get into the weight room and get a few swims and bike workouts in. Yesterday Tony, Kevin and I got out for for an hour and forty minutes with some climbing and riding in 30+ mph wind gusts, it felt good to get outside and off the trainer and my fitness was pretty good and I felt good on the climbs. We did a endurance, base paced ride, but with the wind it felt much harder and my average wattage showed. Today I got 2000 meters in the pool with an hour in the weight room again and felt good, so hopefully in another month or so I'll be able to get back to some running...hopefully!

Been working in the house still, we just finished up the kitchen so I think I'm done for a while so now I'm going to be concentrating more on the training. The weather is going to be getting better so I'm excited to be able to be getting outside on the bike.

Heres the Garmin from our base ride yesterday and a couple pics of the kitchen......

Catch y'all later

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