Things are looking up

It's been one week today since I re-injured my knee and one week since I did any type of physical exercise other than every day stuff like walking/hobbling and work stuff. I wanted to take one week off and just come home from work and put the knee and leg up and let things sort of calm down. It's better today than it has been all week but it's still stiff when I get up from sitting and I can definitely feel it when I walk, which that is getting better too. This morning Tony and I hit the gym for some upper body, legs and core work. While Tony was on the leg sled I grabbed the 45 lb. bench press bar to do a few squat like exercises to see if I would feel any pain in the knee. None what so ever...hmm this is a good thing, but the middle of the knee isn't what hurts it's the medial side of the knee but on the outer bony part, but still, I didn't feel a thing. I did calf work on the leg sled and didn't feel pain either, but didn't do any leg sled pushes, I don't want to chance it. We finished up our workout, stopped at Home Depot to buy a new kitchen faucet and headed home to get in a short trainer workout before Tony had to head to work.When I finally got on the bike and started to pedal the knee felt fine. I kept it fairly conservative while doing some single leg drills but could have gone harder, but again I'm not pushing anything hard yet for a while!. I could feel a little twinge in the knee on the single leg drills but nothing big and when I clipped back in with the right foot my left knee actually felt better. We finished up, I stretched, removed the old faucet and installed the new one, took a shower and now here I am, telling everyone that my knee is getting better.......things are looking up!

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