Status quo

Well I'm not doing anything much different than anyone else at this time of the year training wise. We're getting outdoors on the bikes as the weather allows and have been running and swimming quite a bit, we even did a track workout last Wednesday. The weather was cold but nice, so we rode to the track and did a 1600 warm up and then 4x400 at 1:20 with a 400 jog in between, then a 1600 cool down. It felt good to turn the legs over on the track again and we even ran them at a pretty decent pace for this time of the year. Last week we got four swim workouts in also which equaled nearly seven miles with intense intervals. The stroke and kicking is much stronger than in the past due to the drills we're doing as well. The trainer is, well, still the trainer...A necessary evil for those of us that live in this part of the country. I do think we're going to be getting out on the Greenway trail on the mountain bikes coming up though, just to be able to ride outside some.

This weekend we have a Lake Effect Team meeting / party at Bike Authority with possibly a team group ride before, so I'm  looking forward to seeing our teammates that I haven't seen since road season and also everyone that I raced cross with. On Monday we also have a Bike Authority / Fleet Feet triathlon team meeting, so I'll be back in the neighborhood once again, which is a good thing.

Started and finished another home project. This time we redid the master bedroom. Stripped all the wallpaper, border and some trim. New paint and some new trim and it looks like a brand new room.
Only two more bedrooms to paint and that concludes new paint throughout the whole house.

Catch y'all later

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Janet Edwards said...

I will have to hear about your swimming drills...anything specific??

See ya a couple times this coming week and looking forward to it!