Good week

This past week was genuinely a good training week, mixing up the workouts nicely. Sun., Mon. and Tues. were all ski days since the snow was perfect and the conditions were awesome. Got out a day at Chapin and two days at Girdled. Wednesday I tried to get into the pool at my not normal time, but since it was Christmas / New Years break, every kid in Mentor was hangin out at the pool, so no swim for me on Wed. I went home and got on the trainer and spun easily for :45 and then slipped on the running shoes and did a nice 5k run around the neighborhood. Thursday was a planned longer trail run since I had my last 1/2 day of vacation.  We headed up to the North Chagrin and got in almost 10 miles in the trails, and they were good solid miles where you feel good. Not that they were blazing fast miles, just solid, feel good miles, the speed will be ramping up within the next month. Friday we headed off to the pool once again to see if we could possibly get a morning workout in but again no chance, so we headed home, suited up and got out on the road bikes for 30+ miles with about 1500' of climbing. Saturday was another planned long trail run at Penitentiary Glen and Holden Arboretum but we knew the trails were going to be really wet and possibly icy and definitely muddy, so we left from home and did a combo. nursery road and regular road run. We did 11 miles with some nice hills and actually ran negative splits with the last four miles being our fastest. Again not setting the world on fire with fast miles, but we averaged a solid eight minute mile for 11.07 miles with some long uphills and muddy nursery roads, so all in all not a bad run. This morning we were able to get into the pool for a 2700 meter workout with our main set being 16x100 meter ascending and descending intervals on 2:10, along with kicks and drills. The almost week off of the pool left my shoulders feeling strong and my technique felt good too...The technique and kicking drills are paying off.
This coming week will be easier, more of a cruise week and also starting one TT bike trainer workout per week.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year...now back to reality.


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