Not much bloggin'

happening lately. It's cold as hell outside so I've still been in the pool alot and riding the trainer. Tony and I went for a tempo 5k run on Thursday to test the knee out since I've been dealing with some strained tendons in my knee from over stretching while cold and tight, did a negative split run and felt really good but the knee wasn't feeling the same. I'm going to shut down the running for a while till there's no more discomfort so I'll be able to run later on. I've bought a compression sleeve for the knee and that seems to help along with Ibuprofen. Swimming and riding doesn't bother it, just the pounding of running.

We wanted to do the Nordic Flurry XC ski race this morning but decided to go to the pool instead, that was hard but I didn't want to put the pressure on the knee, Tony, being the ultimate son, training partner and friend said that he was going to stick with me no matter what, and said if  I couldn't race he wasn't going to race either.......I Love ya Tony!

Tomorrow is going to be cold as hell again, but I think I'm going to be getting out on the mountain bike for a while and tool around the nursery roads. Hope everyone is healthy and training smart at this time of year, see everyone soon.

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