Group run

this morning at the North Chagrin. Tony and I met about 25 runners at the Strawberry Picnic area that are going to do the Run For The Heart trail race in February. This was the first group familiarization run to be held and headed up by Beth Trecasa. We started out as a group but soon it was pretty split up with Tony and I running with the front group of 7. We stayed together until the long steep bridle trail hill near Squires Castle where we split again with Tony, Emily Terlop and me reaching the top gassed but still pushing pretty decently. We got back to the parking lot, grabbed some water and Tony and I headed back out for another loop. We ran a combination of single track and bridle trail on this loop and ran the long bridle trail hill once again pretty strong, in fact my heart rate hit 178 bpm. Once we got to the parking lot for the second time we were at nine miles exactly. We felt good and decided to make it an even 10 so we did a cool down mile on the road to finish the 10 miler in 1:30. Another run that climbed 600' and averaged a nine minute per mile pace, not too bad on this course with the snowy conditions and the hills.

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