Chapin Forest ski day

It started off as a potential bad day as I looked in the rear view and saw a Kirtland Hills Police SUV behind me with flashers a blazin' while driving/speeding down Markell Rd. So I pull over and the officer walks very slowly up to my truck with his hand on his sidearm and asks me for my license, which I already had out, I handed it to him and then asked him if it was a speed violation that I was being stopped for and he said yup! He asked me if I knew what the speed limit was and I said 35? he said nope, 25 and I politely asked him how fast I was going, he answered 45.....Ooops! He saw my ski's and gear in the truck and asked if I was going to Chapin to ski and I said yes I was. He asked if I had a ticket within the past year and I said no and then he walked back to the truck to run my license, came back about 10 minutes later and handed me a warning violation and said Merry Christmas.....Hahahahahaha, I said Merry Christmas to you too and Thanks alot and if I had some cold beer with me I'd give you one....No, I didn't say that... So I was on my way to Chapin.

Tony was working at the lodge today and I was going to actually run the course with him while he was on his break, but I brought my ski's with me just in case the conditions were good for skiing. I got there and there were folks out on the ski's so I got my stuff on and headed out. I ended up skiing for an hour and a half until the snow got too sticky to corner and then called it a day. Just as I was finishing up I crossed my ski's and flopped down and broke a ski binding which are Salomon's by the way just in case anyone has an extra that they might be willing to part with.. I didn't get to run which was fine cause Tony ended up having to string lights on the course and couldn't run anyway. We're going to head back there tomorrow to get in a longer run before the world comes to an end with the latest major storm we're going to get tomorrow afternoon.

House project is rolling to an end so it's going to be some full on training come the first of the year, getting ready for Rev3 Knoxville.

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