Chagrin Cross Day 2

Much better day for me today at Chagrin. The B field was loaded and large and when Go was said I didn't get the best jump I've ever had. I was sitting about 8th or 9th for a bit when I made a move to get to the group of 5 that was ahead of us. I bridged to that group and sat on for about a lap until I recovered. On lap 2 on the straight-a-way in the field I jumped the group and established a gap which I hoped would stick and was also hoping that I didn't go too early. I buried myself on lap 3 to get a gap on the 5 man group and also tried to bridge to the 2 man lead group. I had to recover a bit but kept my pace steady and would jump out of each corner and ride the flats strong. I rode the techy sections pretty fast and managed a bobble free race. With 2 to go I was gaining on 2nd since the 1-2 group had split and we both picked up the pace and I wasn't able to catch him. Paul Donatelli (Stark Velo) was the 2nd place guy and he pretty much has the overall B series won with 3 races left to go in the NEOCX series and I can see why, he's fast and a good technical rider. I'm not sure of who won today race but he raced for Pro Bikes and my hats off to him for a great fast race. I managed to roll in for 3rd and in the money since Brett pays to 5 deep in the A's and B's.

Julie was 3rd in the womens open for her 2nd podium in as many days. In the A race Johnny P. was 5th, Tony, Rudy, Jeff C and Robert all raced hard and had strong finishes.

A HUGE shout out to Brett Davis and his parents for hosting this great weekend event again this year and for all the organization, course set up, etc, Thank You All!

Next weekend is Spin's Cross Your Heart race, see you all there.

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