My other pastime

Other than riding bikes, running, swimming and doing endurance sports, is trout fishing. I started trout fishing when my cousin introduced me to it back when he was attending Edinboro University in Pennsylvania nearly 20 years ago. I would say that I have been "hooked" ever since. I started fishing more lately than I have in the past few years mainly because Nick has really gotten into the sport and is quite good at it. It allows Nick and I time together and to share something we both love since he doesn't race endurance events like Tony and I.

We fish mainly for Steelhead trout which are cold water fish and most fishing takes place in the fall, winter and into early spring. Good cold weather gear is an absolute must to stand in the freezing, sometimes ice chunked rivers for hours at a time. Actually the Grand River here in Lake County
is one of the best Steelhead fishing rivers in the country! It's also well worth standing in the cold when you hook into one and it starts taking yards of line out of your reel in an instant. When they hit a fly or spinner and take off, you sometimes have to follow them down river or stream so as to not loose them, keeping your rod high and line tight the whole time. They're very strong and very aggressive fish and that's what makes the challenge so great. We use very light tackle as well. Nick uses a fly rod and I use what is called a noodle rod. Nicks very expensive G.Loomis fly rod coupled with the Okuma reel is like looking at a sweet carbon fiber bike with some 404 tubies not to mention the action on the rod and reel is unparalleled. I use the noodle rod which is a 10' very thin, light action rod with an ultra light Daiwa reel with 6lb. test line and for the most part I fish with 1/16th oz. spinners and an occasional jig or fly.

The fishing has been pretty light so far this fall season but Nick and I have been doing pretty decent when we have gone out. Nick has caught six fish so far with the nicest being over 30" and weighing in at just over 13lb.s which he caught in Big Creek. I'm at five right now with my nicest being 30" and weighing in at 12lb. which I caught in Conneaut Creek. With light tackle and light test line, Steelhead fishing is an awesome challenge.

We also proudly release each and every fish that we catch so other's can enjoy the sport too.

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