Chagrin Cross Day 1

Lined up with the large B field somewhere in the middle and when the "GO" signal went off I worked my way to near the front pretty quick. I was 5th going into the barriers on the first lap and we were moving pretty fast. I had a hard time unclipping with my right foot and when I finally did it was too late and I smashed into the first barrier with my foot. I almost walked over the barriers after that and it took me a while to finally get back to speed again after getting passed by a few ghouls and gobblins, damn thy ankle! Anyhow I kept it at a steady pace for the rest of the race and tried to stay close to Brian Ramsey who had a great race, rode technically sound and did not have any crashes on this twisty, sometimes slippery course.
I sprinted it out at the end for a top 10 finish and enjoyed "racing". I'm hoping for a better result on day 2 that is if my ankle will allow it. Tony did well in a hard fought battle to finish 8th in the A race, Robert around 12th, with Rudy finishing 6th. and Proppe in 3rd. Nice racing you guys, it was fun to watch for a change.

Julie was 2nd in the womens Open and Lori Erwine (Robert's Mom) was 3rd in the womens C, her first race of any kind since before Shimano came out with STI shifters.........Great job Lori!

More to report later on this evening.

P.S. in case your wondering what's up with the costume, the race was a Halloween costume race and if you didn't wear one you would get a :30 penalty.................

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