Le French Roast and the Tour

Came home and brewed up a fresh pot of French Roast since it's an off day for me today, so now I'm on le couch watching the Tour. I know who won and how it played out by following the race on www.cyclingnews.com at work but I still have to watch it, especially the sheep that were all over the road..... I haven't missed a stage in this years Tour yet. Gotta hand it to Lance once again today for finishing 17th on this stage which isn't too shabby for an almost 39 year old with lotsa gray hair under that helmet, he can still climb with some of the best in the world. It will be exciting to see him racing triathlon next year too. We'll have to watch the schedule and see where he's racing and possibly make a race that he's at if it's not a crazy distance away. We are going to do a "travel to" race each year, so maybe............

Anyway, the graduation party went well and Lynn survived, that was the important thing. It was touch and go for her for a while and the stress factor was quite high for a couple of days leading up to it. Everything worked out and for those of you that were there that read this blog, Thank You for coming and I hope you had enough to eat and drink, and special thanks to Doug who had a very busy day that day and still made time to come, THANKS brochacho, looking forward to this weekend too!

This weekend is the last Greater Cleveland tri training day before the actual race next weekend. It will be an easy day because we're racing the Fairport triathlon on Sunday. Fairport is a great local sprint race that's a must do if you live in this part of the country (East side). The Lake Metroparks do an excellent job putting this race on and it's the summer equal to the XC ski race at Chapin Forest in the winter. Lynn and Kevin Park also have birthdays that are very close to each other, so a group of us have a post race cookout at the beach and birthday cake for Lynn and Kevin, it's always a great day to look forward to.

That's all I got for now, race report on Monday.

Later all.

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We've got a tale to tell! said...

Have a fun time at Fairport Sunday. Good luck on the race and an early Happy Birthday to Lynn.