Fairport triathlon report

The weather was epic and they delayed the race for about 30 minutes until the lightning stopped. Race director was hem hawing back and forth about canceling it all together and doing it this weekend and or changing it to a duathlon which drew a major chorus of boos, me along with the masses. So the decision was since the wind was howling from the Northwest at around 25 mph and was creating quite a washing machine in the inner harbor that the swim would just be a one way out and swim to the beach and run the length of the beach back and then into the chute that leads to transition. The total distance of the run to transition I'm guessing was probably around 600 meters along with about a 250 meter swim in the utmost unfriendliest conditions that are known to man. A whole lotta kicking, grabbing, banging, flailing and I think I even felt someone bite me in the ankle! Anyhow we finally made it out of the water and immediately stripped our wetsuits off to begin the beach run in a torrential downpour toward the chute leading to transition, actually that part was pretty neat and I felt decent getting out of the water and running and I was thinking this might be a good day since I love running in the rain.

Once into t-1 I got my bike stuff on pretty quick, ran the bike a long way before I could mount and when I did I was off and up the hill fast. I got rolling and my legs were feeling good. About a mile into the bike Doug rolled up along side of me and looked good. We rode almost side by side to the turnaround keeping the speed around 25 -26 mph. Once through the turnaround Doug drilled it and got a gap that I could not close. I was slightly anerobic at one point and I thought if I keep this up to t-2 I won't have anything left for a strong run, so I kept it at a high zone 4 but kept Doug within 100 - 150 meters all the way back to t-2.

I rolled down the hill and into transition and the marshalls kept yelling careful, slow down due to the wet conditions cause it rained almost the whole bike and was windy, but for some reason the wind didn't seem much of a factor, maybe I'm a little stronger than in previous years on the TT bike, I would like to think so at least.... I ran my bike into transition and I could see Doug taking his helmet off and slipping on his shoes and I thought I better get my butt moving because If he gets a gap on me on the run forget it, I'll never catch him. Well I racked my bike and he was just taking off out on the run. I had a fast t-2 so I could try to catch Doug. I was about 100 meters behind him on the start of the run and by the time he was at the top of the hill I was about a quarter of the way up. I jammed the uphill and turned left and had him in sight. I thought for a brief minute while we were running on East Street towards the condo development that I might be able to catch him, but it was only a brief thought. He opened it up out of the condo's to the finish and I wasn't able to catch him. He ran an awesome race and finished 4th overall and I came in somewhere around a minute or so behind him for 5th overall. Doug, that was a helluva race brother and I luv ya! Good stuff and I hope we can race like that for many more years, even if it's in our wheelchairs or electric carts.

As for Tony, he had a good race, 2nd overall behind Kevin Park. Kevin rocked the course again after being injured basically since May when we all went to Virginia. He's been battling pain in his gluteous medius that radiates down into his foot and toes along his leg, very frustrating injury for him. Tony said his legs weren't the best he's had on the bike but he still managed to pass nearly all the kayak racers that started off five minutes before the first wave of swimmers and was third in on the bike. He had good run legs though and finished the race strong for 2nd. overall, not too shabby and in god company with Kevin. Nice work you two! Hats off to Adam Hunter also for finishing 6th overall, his last mile was clocked at 6:00, nice job, the track work is paying off for ya.

Scott and Carrie raced and both finished strong. Tracy Park (Kevin's wife) and their two daughters raced and it was the twin's first adult sprint triathlon, congratulations girls! Chris Park (Kevin's brother) and his son Josh raced and they both drilled the course. Josh is only 13 and has had some very nice results so far. Definitely taking after his Dad and Uncle.

After the race and awards were over we all had a cookout. The weather cleared and the sun came out and it was beautiful. Mickey Ryzmek and Theresa came along with Mickey's big Gatorade tent which was the ticket. We had a couple grills going and Scott and I did the grilling along with partaking in a few cold beers. We sang Happy Birthday to Lynn and Kevin since their birthdays are a few days apart, Kevin's birthday is today actually and Lynn's is the 30th. We had some beach volleyball games after grilling and cake and after a few sets I was ready to call it a day down at the Fairport Beach since I had major cleanup to do on bikes when I got home.

It was a great day with all of my family and friends, yes, even Nick, Jess, Abbey and Tonys girlfriend Gabby were there too. Yup, Abbey and Gabby, it don't any better than that!


KPark said...

Glad to have been a part of this bud. Hope good times like this never end. Great weather is always nice, but Epic days like this will last forever. What a day for my twins to finish their first Adult Sprint. Rock on!

KPark said...

BTW, that last picture is awesome, you, me, Doug, Adam and my brother ALL in the same shot:)