Friday's rant

I really wanted to get on here yesterday afternoon after my bike ride and vent about all the insane drivers but I didn't have the chance since it was Lynn's birthday and we were heading out to dinner. In my short 1'21:19 not so sweet recovery ride yesterday I was buzzed repeatedly by people who were on their cell phones or whatever else kind of hand held device they had, not paying one bit of attention while driving. I was almost ridden completely off the road by cars and trucks that just absolutely have to pass you while there is another vehicle in the opposite lane directly next you, like they couldn't wait .0258 of a second and let the other car in the other lane pass instead of squeezing in-between going left of center so the other car has to literally go off onto the berm to avoid a head on collision. What in the world is wrong with people anymore? Is it the fast paced, so-called rock star lifestyle that people think they live in? Is it all the Blackberry's, Iphones, cell phones, camera phones etc. that they think are so important, that to them are more important than paying attention and pulling they're heads out of their asses and actually concentrating on driving? I don't know, but I do know one thing, the traffic is getting heavier, (especially around 4:30 on a Friday afternoon........... ) and we ALL have to be heads up when we're out on our bikes or running, and God forbid if it's one of our loved ones that get hit by someone who's driving like a bat out of hell while on their cell phone!

I know I'm preaching to the choir but I had to rant, and as you all know I don't normally do that on here, I try to keep things positive. But, I think I'm going to send in an editorial piece to the Lake County News Herald for them to post in their "readers rants" column and express my "displeasure" with the way people seem to take their driving privileges for granted and how driving seems to have taken a backseat so to speak to their texting and talking on their phones, which has obviously became more of a priority than anything. I will let you all know how much hate mail I do receive as backlash.

Until then, please be careful out there and stay off your bikes on Friday afternoons when everyone is in a hurry to get home while their all on their cell phones talking and texting each other to make big plans for the "BIG" weekend, while driving!



Feel It: The Factory Rider said...

I think 4-5pm is the new 5-6pm. Rush hour is more like two hours now.

The Commuter said...

It's called entitlement, "I'm entitled to the road, not you". It's funny, the Plain Dealer has a Monday Moaning section where one Monday some jackass was complaining about bikes on the road in the Metroparks, complaining that they should be on the "all purposse trail". The next week it was a rollerblader complaining that the bikes should ride on the road because they are not polite when passing. Well, the metropark roads are not short cuts, and if you had the volume on your Ipod low enough to hear the bikers say passing you wouldn't be buzzed. Too many flipping ignorant people out there. And that's my rant.
The commuter

Bill said...

Your rant is well taken. I agree that some of these ignorant fools think that they are "entitled" to the road and no-one else unless your in a vehicle, especially the big gas sucking pick up trucks. Like I have already told one pick-up truck driver already, the bigger the truck, the bigger the asshole.

Kevin said...

I usually take the day off the bike on Fridays, but I decided to get out yesterday afternoon down to Chagrin Falls and back. I do that route a lot, usually when I ride that way, there's not much traffic and people are really considerate.

Not on a Friday though!

I got buzzed by a few trucks (even with no traffic in the other lane) and was an up close witness to a road rage (car versus car) incident.