Good weekend

of training. Put in two solid days and it was pretty hot and windy too. Saturday we did the Olympic course at GCT Headlands Beach. We arrived a little early and got in the water with the intent to go for 35-40 minutes. There were 2 to 3 footers rollin' in from the Northwest, so going east was pretty nice but at the turn heading back it was like a washing machine for about 20 minutes but it was good sighting practice over the waves. The swim felt good then we went into the transition area and geared up for the bike. We had a group of about 10 riding the Oly course and everyone rode pretty strong. After the bike Tony, Chris and I transitioned pretty quick and headed off on the 10k run. We ran the first 5k at a good tempo pace and at the halfway Tony and I picked up the pace to near race pace and finished the 2nd. 5k in just under 21 minutes. After the run we headed back to the water to cool the legs down a bit before heading home. Overall it was a solid training day and we felt pretty strong.

Today was a long bike followed by a run, not a long run but one just to get the feeling back in the legs after riding a long tempo. I did a 60 mile loop with a long and a few short steep climbs.
It was a good ride and I felt strong on the flats and climbed at an up-tempo pace and finished the windy bike in 2:45 and change for 60 miles. I took along 2 packs of Enduralytes and 2 packs of Clif Blocs and used all of them. I stopped once for extra water at a Fire Department near Jefferson so I stayed pretty hydrated and had good energy at the end of the ride. I did a quick transition and decided that I would run a 5k and work on toe off's and striding a little rather than to see how fast I could run off the bike. I felt very good on the run and all I could think of was I would like to feel this good on the 70.3 race coming up. I ended up finishing the 5k in about 21:30 so overall for me it was a good day and a decent weekend.

Easy week coming up with some short fast stuff then it's off to Doug's for the weekend to race the Dam Tri Olympic race near Meadville P.A.

Congratulations to all that raced Maumee Bay and other races this weekend and Happy Fathers Day to all you guys that are Dad's out there.


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