DNF in Meadville

It had to happen sooner or later I guess. I have had some bad luck during cross season's but not many problems in triathlon's, guess I've just been lucky. The swim went well for me at least and I felt pretty fast getting out of the water in just over 25 minutes for the 1 mile swim. The run was a long uphill to the transition and I stripped my wetsuit off as I came out of the water so I wouldn't have the extra weight to carry uphill and managed a decent run to T-1. I got my stuff on and ran my bike across the timing mat and did a cyclocross mount and jumped on it hard to get to speed quickly and my front end felt very strange, I looked down and my tire was as flat as a pancake....damn.....hmmmmm, Dam Tri, kind of a coincidence??. I sat there for a minute collecting my thoughts thinking where my bag was that had my tube but that was back at the van which was quite a distance off, no luck there, I was looking for a possible spare wheel sitting around..(yea right) no luck there either, so I chalked this race up as a loss. Oh well, #$it happens.
I parked my bike and got my stuff out of transition (illegally) and slipped my running shoes on and went off on the 10k run. It was hot as hell too yesterday and the run kicked my butt. I suffered like a dog on the second 5k too cause it was virtually all uphill. Actually alot of the run's on both the Olympic and Sprint races were slower than normal due to the high humidity and heat. I still ran at a high heart rate and finished the run totally drained.

Tony finished strong and ended up 9th overall and 1st in his age group with the 7th fastest bike split and Doug raced the Sprint race and finished 3rd overall and looked great. Nice job you guys and great racing.

Another great weekend at Doug's and we're heading back this weekend also. Doug is meeting me at my house on Friday and we're going to ride our TT bikes to his place in Utica which is 90 miles and on Saturday we're going to get in a swim and a run before a nice cookout Saturday night.

Congratulations to all of my teammates that raced the Raccoon Rally and the other races throughout the region, way to represent Team Lake Effect and Bike Authority Fleet Feet.

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