New vision and team clothing

Yesterday I picked up my new contact lenses and was properly schooled in how to install and remove them without blinding myself. I had no problem installing and removing the right one but the left one gave me all kinds of problems. I think I'll try the left one first this morning and if I have a problem with the right eye then I know it's just the difference in vision with one contact in and the other one out while looking in the mirror and I'm just going to have to get used to doing this. Anyway, when I got home yesterday I couldn't wait to hit the trails for a 10k run with Tony and my new vision. We hit the trails and what normally was a blur and fuzzy about 2-3' in front of me, was now crystal clear and I was running smoothly and fluently because I could actually see where I was going and I could pick better lines. Why did I wait so long to do this, this is not a new invention in the world of corrective lenses? Anyway I am up to date on my eyesight now and I'm going to get out on the bike later on today to see how they'll be when it's a little windier.

Our 2010 Bike Authority/Fleet Feet team clothing came in so Lynn and I are heading to FF this morning to make a pick up, it's always nice to get new clothing and Craft is quality stuff.

Tomorrow is the Rock Creek Roubaix ride. There is going to be a good turnout for this one judging from the guys that e-mailed Jim Behrens and confirmed. The course is much different than last year's and Jim said it's going to be fun yet pretty difficult. There is a Sag vehicle in tow with a pump, spare wheels, and whatever else anyone would want to throw in there, and then later on in the day the real Paris Roubaix is going to be televised on Versus, yes another great Sunday!

Good luck to those racing in the first Covered Bridge on Sunday, I suspect we'll be there next weekend.

Later all.

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