Not much updating lately on the blog compared to Facebook, but I still like to read all the blogs pretty much daily and see what everyone is up to. We're heading to the Valley tomorrow morning to do the Covered Bridge Race and test the fitness and the legs. This will be the first bike race of the year for Tony and I so we're just looking to hang and get some good extended high heart rate stuff in and see how the legs will do. We have some bike races on tap for this season starting with some spring series races, some Westlake's, Chippewa Creek, Tour of the Valley and of course the cyclocross races. We're going to be doing more triathlon this season along with the XTERRA trail running Ohio series which starts at Vulture's Knob on the 24th. of this month and finishes on August 21st. at Oak Hill in the Cuyahoga Valley. There's a total of 5 races in the series and they are all middle distance races in some pretty nice locations.

The Greater Cleveland Triathlon training days start up in May and I've been a part of that for the last 7 years with Mickey Ryzmek and Bike Authority. Mickey holds training sessions for the kids triathlon, women's training sessions and veteran triathlete's sessions. There are three training days leading up to the Greater Cleveland race which is in August. I do bike repair and help Mickey out with whatever he needs along with helping on the race route's. It's also pretty neat to watch the kids get out there and get introduced to the sport and in alot of cases, come back year after year and continue to race, as with all forms of racing, they are the future of the sport, and let me tell ya, there are some fast kids out there!

Tony, Doug Sedivy, Kevin Park, Brian Stern and myself are making the trip to Virginia for an early season Tri on May 9th. that is prt of the Virginia Triathlon series and that will start our tri season. We finish up on Sept.12th. with the Rev3 70.3 in Sandusky, right before cross season. That'll be hard transitioning from training for and racing a longer distance tri to the short power infested bursts of cross racing... we have a few weeks in between though to get some interval stuff in. Maybe thats a good thing though, so when the midpoint part of cross season get's here I won't be on the down slide from over training with too much fast stuff like in the past, we'll see though, for me it seems like it's always a crap shoot with cross training and racing anymore.

Anyway, Tony is graduating in June and we have to get going on a graduation party plan. It's not going to be any major blowout, just something nice and relaxing for all parties involved....hopefully. Nick just got a new job and he's working at the Painesville Country Club golf course doing golf course maintenance. I used to work there when I was in school also. Actually a friend of mine owns the course and oversees all the happenings there, and it's really close to our house. Tony landed a good job too and he'll be working at the Lake Metroparks in the recreation department. He's almost finished with his lifeguard classes now so he'll be working at the Lakefront Park in the summer as a lifeguard, where we train for open water swimming and at Chapin Forest and Penitentiary Glen in the fall and winter along with going to Firefighter school.

Lots going on this summer and fall as always and it seems to go by so fast, I wish time would slow down just a little bit, kinda like what's happened to my racing.... :-)

Later all.

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Dad S said...

I'm already tired just looking at what you guys have on tap for this year!