Easter weekend

Happy Easter everyone, it sure is a nice weekend to get out for some riding and running as well as spending time with our families. We had Good Friday off of work and Tony only had school until 10:30, so we had a long workout planned. We did 55 miles on the tri bikes followed by a half hour run. The bike was fast and we had a few hills in there too. We did the 55 in 2:30 and averaged 190 watts at 21 mph. not too bad for the first longer brick workout of the year. After the bike we transitioned and ran for 30 minutes and the run was hard. The lack of electrolytes and the wind on the bike got to me and my pace was slow, but that's okay it's still only April and it was 80 something degrees which we're not quite used to either, running in the heat is hard, especially not being acclimated to it, but it was a good workout and it feels good to go long like that.

Today we're heading into Madison and riding with the far east side group for a couple hours and hopefully we won't get into the strong winds that are predicted, but if we do at least we're outside riding and training instead of riding inside on the trainers while we have 3' of snow outside.

Have a nice day everyone and Happy Easter.

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