Hilly, muddy and hard

is the way I would best describe the Fools 25k trail race today. Everyone (25 & 50k runners) started together and the front of the group started pretty fast for a long hard race, I was quite surprised. My heart rate was very high from the speed but also the hills and the mud at the beginning, but once I settled in it wasn't that bad, still higher than normal though. Tony and I basically were using this run as a long hard training run and were not expecting to do anything major. I never seemed to really feel good in this race so I was glad I wasn't expecting anything from it, but it was an AWESOME course and it made you work extremely hard the whole race, especially the last 5k which seemed like it was all uphill and was never going to end. The course was marshaled excellently with great markings and the after race swag was nice as well.

Rudy and Nate ran strong, John was running the 50k and said he has been doing alot of long mileage, although we left before he was done, I'm sure he finished well. We actually finished as it just started to rain and the wind really picked up, I couldn't even begin to imagine doing another lap of 15.7 miles on that course in the rain, those that did, my hat is off to you all!

We're going to get out on the bike a little more now that we're not going to be running as long so much. The weather looks like it's going to be getting much nicer this week so that's a good thing, maybe we can shed the tights and just wear knee warmers or even just shorts....... but that's a big maybe.

Thanks to Lynn and Nick for coming out today to take a few pictures and freeze for over 2 hours, we luv ya!


allanjel said...

Dirty, muddy men, my favorite!! Hahaha!!

Great Job guys! Trails are never easy, hence the reason I run on the road 95% of the time :)

lunasphere said...

nice to see all the maruts out there - thanks for the cheers lynn...I heard someone call out my name and it was a nice surprise...thanks again.