The winter blah's

are fading away. Today was beautiful and full of sunshine, just what we've all been waiting for. I rode today and the first half of the ride was perfect, I was riding Southeast and then totally South for about half of my ride, it was great, I was climbing nice and smooth and then I turned West and it got windy but not really that bad UNTIL I turned North with almost 20 miles to go to get home. It wasn't only windy but seemingly Arctic frigid cold and windy, I literally felt like I got brain freeze and it scared me for a minute until I kind of figured out what it was. I was breathing through my nose and and the cold air must have caused that, at least I hope that's what it was! Hey, at least it was a ride-able day to get some good miles in, even though I was so cold though on the return trip home I kept the speed down so I would stay a little warmer but that didn't seem to help much, and I was definitely dressed for the temperature. The 8 day forecast is looking very good with some warmer temperatures and the weekend is looking good for the group ride this Sunday. Yes, spring is right around the corner.

Later all

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Dad S said...

Sure hope so. The "puppy" had me doing my famous "turtle in the deep snow" imitation AGAIN. Don't know sho's the dummy - her or me! LOL.