Winter blahs

I think I have them. I believe it's a lack of sunshine more than anything and the constant snowfall. I think we're turning the corner now though, or at least I hope we are, or at least we should be.
The skiing has been great and so has the running. Tony and I have been putting in a little over 100 mile months so far mainly on the trails, but the last few weeks we haven't been able to run mainly on the trails due to the snow so the road has to suffice. We haven't been doing any great speed work yet but have been running LOTS of hills, so the hill efforts have been getting our heart rates up pretty high, just like running intervals. We're going to be running the St. Malachai 5 miler March 13th., that's usually a pretty good test of early season fitness. I'm not going to be running it for a great time though, I think I'm going to be running along side of a friend of mine to possibly be a sense of motivation for him when or if he feels like slowing down.............. :-)

We also have the Fools 25k trail race coming up March 28th. There's a 25 and 50k race. I signed up for the 25k but may continue on after my race is over to possibly run 20 miles or more, we'll see how the legs are feeling after the 25k.

We've been in the pool a couple of times to three times per week so far in February and are going to continue till we can get into open water. I'm going to get a new Orca Full sleeve wet suit in a couple of weeks and will be excited to use it, in open water that is, which may take a while now since the Lake is frozen over. The swim workout's have been going well and both Tony and I are feeling stronger, hopefully that will carry over into our races, we're just not overdoing it cause it's still very early in the season, even though we are going to do a race in May.

We haven't been on the trainer a whole lot, but when we have, we have been doing some decent workout's. No huge wattage but sometimes a little better than endurance. The legs felt pretty decent on the group ride last weekend and we did quite a bit of climbing, so hopefully things are going well, we're just staying steady and not overdoing it.

We're just really ready for this weather to break as is everyone else I'm sure. It will be nice to see some sunshine and warmer temperatures for a change.

Hope everyone is doing well and as a friend of mine always ends his messages....
Sunshine everyone!

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