What a day

it was yesterday and it's going to be just as nice today if not nicer. Tony and I took a ride to one of our Cleveland Triathlon Team sponsor's yesterday morning, Fleet Feet Sports in Northfield. Frank, Ed and Jody hooked us up with some new lightweight trainers / racing shoes for the 2010 season along with another pair of trail shoes that I've been wanting to get. I have to switch up trail shoes every other run just like you should do with road shoes. Tony got the Pearl Izumi Syncro Fuel and I got the Addidas Boston and the Asics Gel Trail Attack 6.

When we got home we had a 25 mile TT bike and a 6.2 mile brick run workout planned. The roads were completely dry and the sun was out bright and it's wasn't that cold, a little colder by the lake here though with some wind but not bad at all. We wanted to keep the bike within reason and keep the wattage at a endurance pace, I averaged something like 200 watts and Tony was around 180 something, which was good. We felt good off of the bikes when we started the run (with the new shoes :-) and averaged a 7 minute mile for the 10k and the last mile we picked up the pace to a 6:50 just to practice finishing strong. Both of us felt good and could have gone harder, so the workout's we have been doing are working.

We're heading to the Brecksville reservation this morning to meet up with our Team Lake Effect and get another 3+ hour training ride in with some running afterwards, it's going to be a nice day!

Get ready for the Academy Awards tonight, can't miss those.

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