St. Malachi

Good stuff today. Tony and I did both races but they were different, if that makes any sense?????
I actually signed up for the 2 mile race and ran the 5 mile race along side Kevin Ward. Tony signed up for the 5 mile race and ran the 2 mile as a warm up. I averaged a 6:08 mile for the 2 mile and was 6th. overall out of 1,250 and then running along with Kevin, we ran a 7:50 pace for the 5 miler, he did a great job for a hilly course on a cold and windy day.
Tony ran a 6:02 pace for the 5 mile and was 21st out of 2,153, both of us got in some good training and racing today with over 8 miles including warm up. We haven't been doing alot of fast paced stuff yet this year, but we're going to start ramping up the speed with the track workouts we're going to be doing with the Riverside High School track team along with the trail running.

After the race we headed to Bike Authority to up-grade Tony's road bike to 10 speed and get him into the 21st. century. He's all set now and ready to get out and test it out, (outside that is)

The major sale was going on and Sherman had GREAT prices on everything in the shop so we had to help stimulate the economy a little by making a few purchases... Nice seeing everyone again to by the way, Sherman had the whole crew there today.

Getting ready to do a little grilling now. Doug is coming over and were gonna have a few beers (Rising Moon Spring Ale by Blue Moon) and a few steaks and finalize the 2010 triathlon schedule. Oh yea, and we're gonna ride tomorrow too.....

Later all.

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