Gotta love these High Pressure

Systems that we've been having lately. Wow the weather has been nice, what a turn from the weather that we had all February long, seems like a long time ago and it's only been a matter of weeks, but I'm sure not complaining. We've stepped up the training the last several weeks with some strong TT bike workouts and also climbing on the road bikes. Our swim workout's have been between 2500 and 3000 meters with intense intervals and a few long distance swims for endurance purposes. We've started doubling up the workout's too with bike run bricks and swim run bricks, soon we'll be doing the swim bike bricks too, just have to get some warmer weather for that. We started to include some AT run workouts with still lots of trail runs, in fact we're doing the Fools 25k trail race this coming weekend. Tony and I did a 14.5 mile trail run today in the North Chagrin with alot of climbing, so this coming week will be a recovery week with some shorter stuff to get ready for the race this weekend.

Tony, Doug and I are heading to Virginia in May along with Kevin Park and Brian Stern to do an early season triathlon in Lake Anna State Park in Spotslyvania that's part of the Virginia Triathlon Series. Should be fun and also to see where the fitness is. I'm not going to expect anything earth shattering yet, but then again I'm not going to travel all that way to leave anything on the course either.

Hope everyone's training and racing is going well so far this season and pretty soon the spring bike races will be upon us here in the Cleveland Area.

See you all soon.

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KPark said...

Glad to hear you guys are coming down for the race. I'm looking forward to it. Hope my new tri frame arrives in time, otherwise I'll be riding my brothers P2C.