Good times

this weekend. Saturday started off with the Nordic Flurry XC ski race at Chapin Forest. I didn't race, (probably should have) but I opted to watch instead. I did get about 2 hours in on the ski's though and a very good workout. Tony raced the freestyle 10k and finished 1st. in his age group and somewhere in the top 12-15 with a time of just over 33 minutes, not too bad since the course is basically all hills with some pretty technical sections where you have to really be paying attention or you could end up plowing into a tree at a high speed. Rudy raced strong as well and it was nice skiing with you guys along with quite a few other friends that were there as well. The temps. in the morning were perfect and the guys had the course groomed well, it was very nice conditions. After about 4 hours it started to get a little soft and the snow was sticky, but by then we were ready to leave. Lynn, Nick and Robert snow shoe'd, Lori raced and Julie with her pre-surgical ankle was the official photographer, but I must say was walking very well!

Today (Sunday) we had a team training ride, meeting at the entrance of the Brecksville Reservation. The weather was perfect again with almost no wind and temps. that reached the high 40's and bright sunshine, perfect and definitely a bonus for this time of the year. Tony and I ended up with 45.5 miles with quite a bit of climbing and everyone else had quite a few more miles because they rode there. After we finished the ride Tony and I did a 4.5 mile brick run and ended up running back up the entire hill from the very bottom of the Valley Parkway to the parking area where we all met. It was a good run and we felt pretty strong on the hill, which is 2.2 miles by the way from top to bottom.

It was good to get outside to train and race again this weekend with those that we see quite often and those that we haven't seen for a few month's, a little nice weather is good for everyone. We need more of it!

See you all soon.

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