Ready to run

tomorrow morning. We've been putting in decent miles lately on the trails and on the road in preparation for the upcoming trail races and just good fun endurance running in general. We'll be running a 15k trail race in the North Chagrin tomorrow with 198 other runners, (the cutoff was 200). The conditions are packed snow with major and minor hills and a well marked course. I'm sure this is going to be more of a fun event than an all out competitive race, especially with the snowy trails and it is still only the middle of February. Never the less, any time you toe the line at any race, you always try to do your very best, and I'm sure that's the way it's going to be tomorrow. 3 of the local triathlon studs are running as well. Kevin Park, Brian Stern and Adam Hunter are going to be there setting pace. The ever competitive and ageless (friend and teammate) Rudy Sroka will be racing too, and after the 15k race, he's heading to Chapin Forest for probably another 2-3 hours of xc skiing, that's simply why Rudy is at the front in any race he enters.
Tony and I are going to be doing another lap with Lynn afterward, just so Lynn can get some time in on the trails rather than just taking pictures. I'm sure it will be a great day.

Race report to follow.

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