Hadda good week

this week. Got in some nice workout's and some good preparation for next weekends trail race. Actually we did another 10 miles on the trails today at the North Chagrin and had a great run on the snowy trails, which were very runnable. Started nailing down the 2010 race schedule which includes a revamped tri schedule with a few of the local races that are must do's. Gonna do some traveling as well for road, tri and cross for hopefully a fun filled season. We're going to do the Raccoon Rally mountain bike race in New York this year again too. We did it a few years ago and had a blast, so we're going to hit that race up again.
Clothing orders are out and about now for Lake Effect and Cleveland Tri, so race season isn't that far off. We're still mostly doing base mileage right now with just a little increase in intensity, still just enjoying our runs and swims and pretty much dreading the trainer..... but we'll be on the bike outside again before long.
On that note it's back to the Celtic's and the Magic before all the funny commercials come on later.


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