Good race

despite the snowy trails. In some spots it was hard to stay upright because of the ruts from other runners and just the snowy trail conditions, but it was still a good race and a very good workout on a hilly course. I was pleased with my race and finished 7th. overall. Rudy finished 6th. overall and he and I ran together for the majority of the race, nice running with you today Rudy.
Tony finished 2nd. overall and right from the start he took off and ran strong the whole way, he said he felt good and had good legs. On the second loop at about mile 6 he said he started to fade a little though and that's where he let the first place runner go so he wouldn't blow up. He said if the conditions were a little bit better he would have stayed with him and hopefully dueled it out to the finish.
After the race and after we got a little fuel in us, Lynn, Tony and I headed back out on the trails and did a fast 4 mile walk including the big hill by Squires Castle for the third time! Lynn whooped up on us on the walk and she said she might have liked to do the 8k, I think she would have did just fine!
It was nice seeing some friends out there again today and nice job to all that ran and put this race on.


allanjel said...

Great Job Guys!! I hate that hill :)

Dad S said...

Go Lynn!
(Nice pic too!)