Nice day tomorrow

so Scott, Tony and I are going to get out on the bike's for a couple hours in the afternoon. It's supposed to be 35* and sunny so it will be nice to stretch the legs on the bike outside even if it's only going to be short lived. The weather men are talking about the possibility of more snow for Friday and Saturday, so maybe it will be back on the ski's for a couple of days too this weekend, wow, the possibilities are endless around here.

We've been in the pool more last week and so far this week. Tonight we did 2900 meters with some nice sets and Monday we did 2400 meters, I know that's not a big workout, but right now at this time in the season, it's about right to get some work in, the bigger stuff will come later on.

We're doing a 10 mile trail race next weekend in the North Chagrin Reservation and we're looking forward to that. We did a long run there on Sunday to run the sections that the race is going to be held on. There's some big hills and some technical trails, the race is going to be great. We did a 5 mile tempo run last night on the road with the middle 5k run at a fast pace. Our heart rates were up like we were climbing hills at Chapin Forest on the ski's. I still say there is nothing to take the place of xc skiing to get the heart rate up though.

Gotta go, the Buckeye's and Penn State are playing now.

Later all.

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ds said...

Of course I have to be in Columbus for work all day tomorrow and will not be able to take advantage of the nicest day this week.

Have fun.