Rampin' it up

We're starting to increase the workout time for the month of February. We're going to be in the pool a few more days per week and start doubling up the workouts too. We have structure to the trainer also for the month rather than just spin along as we have been doing, not that we've been on the trainer very much, because we haven't, but now is the time to get a little more serious when we are on the damned thing. The running is still going well and the mileage is increasing, actually we're doing a 2 hour run tomorrow, mostly on the trails. We've been doing some strength training as well and the fitness is pretty decent, just not too much time spent at high end, but then again that's not the target right now. We're going longer in our workouts due to the longer races that we're going to be doing this year. We have some Olympic distance tri's and one Half Ironman scheduled, as well as some long trail races and some mountain bike races. This should be a good season as we're going to be mixing it up quite a bit and mountain bike racing for some high end fitness and fun. We might even do an Xterra triathlon too, that would be awesome. I was going to do the one at West Branch last year but it never worked out for me, so I would really like to fit that into the schedule this season.

I just heard that next to California, Ohio is 2nd. in the nation in hosting triathlons! Thats great cause you wouldn't have to spend countless hours of driving to race different venue's. It is still fun to travel a few times a year to race somewhere different though. We might be heading to Virginia and Kentucky this year for a couple of tri's.

Okay, hope everyone is having a good winter so far and everyone is doing well. Talk to you all soon.

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DaisyDuc said...

Wow, interesting fact! I am a little surprised I guess!