Recent training

Scott and I did a hard 9 mile run yesterday, seven of them were on the icy, snowy trails of the Girdled Rd. Reservation and the last two were on the road. It was a hard run but a good run and both of us could have ran longer so the run training is coming along well. My mileage is around 30 miles per week right now with one tempo run per week and the rest trails and base. I'm feeling much stronger now especially on the hills, which we have been running alot of. Plans are to up the mileage to about 40-45 miles per week in preparation for trail racing and of course triathlon.

Today I got out for 56 miles on the bike in 3:05 with hills, and I rode outside. The conditions were awesome and my legs felt pretty good after doing the run yesterday. Actually despite everything that has been going on this week I did pretty good in the training department, it has kept our mind's clear and made things easier. Tomorrow and Monday will be a little tougher but we have an awesome family and tons of supportive friends..... Then it's back in the pool next week for some much needed swim workouts.

Later all.

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