Zipp day with bike repairs

Tony and I went to the shop this morning for the Zipp day and also to give my mountain bike some well deserved lovin'. My old Lefty fork hasn't been working like it should which makes riding the mountain bike not as much fun as it should be and we are planning on riding the MTB's more this winter. Rudy had a new rebulit one at the shop that Big Mike installed on my bike this morning, he also went over the bike with a fine tooth comb adjusting the shiters, bleeding and adjusting the brakes and truing the real wheel, Thanks Mike, your awesome and you did a great job on the bike! He also trued my rear Zipp 404 that I use on the road bike and the TT bike. It had an ever so slight wobble in it from the crash that I was involved in this summer at Westlake, but easily took care of it.
We were going to do some openers on the road when we got home for the race tomorrow, but the closer we got to home from Broadview Heights the worse the weather was getting. Once we got home it was snowing pretty hard so we decided to just open it up on the trainers in the bike cave. All's good for tomorrow's finale at Boughton Farm and the weather is supposed to be sunny and in the lower 40's, perfecto!


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