Boughton finale

It was a hard race today and everyone in every race will say the same thing. The weather was cold but the sun was out and warmed the ground enough the turn the mud sections to very muddy sections. I ended up running the section after the long grind uphill in the field because the mud was almost unrideable and it was much faster to run than ride, for me anyway. After that section the downhill was nice and the soft muddy corner at the far end of the course wasn't that bad either. The fields were the worst actually and you really had to keep the power on in the rutty sections or you would drift off and loose it. The singltrack sections were awesome and I felt great in those sections, I wish there were more of those in this race.

Everyone raced hard today and throughout the whole series. Hats off to all of my teammates who participated and raced. Our series is 11 years old and stronger now than ever. We had over 300 different racers participate this year, thats incredible, just shows how popular cross has become in NE Ohio and all over the country for that matter.

Thanks go out to everyone that raced in our series and contributed to help make it what it is, as I always say, if it wasnt for everyone showing up weekend after weekend there wouldn't be much cross racing and a Bike Authority / Lake Effect series around the Cleveland area.
Good Luck to those that are making the trip out to Oregon for CX Nationals, represent NE Ohio well.

See everyone out on the roads.