What to blog about?

Now that Facebook is so popular it seems that the blogging has taken somewhat of a backseat to the popular social network. I am kind of caught up in this whole Facebook thing myself thanks to Tony. It is pretty neat, but I still like the blogs and to read about all the what's going on's and race reports and what not's. So as I sit here planning out my day, I thought I would take a few minutes and look over a few blogs and see what's going on in the world of our local bike racers. It looks like all the bloggers out there might possibly be doing the Facebook thing more these days too, not too much updated reading material out there. I know, it's hard to be consistant at both the blog and the Facebook, kind of how it is with the different forms of racing. It's hard to be consistantly (above average) dare I say, in many disciplines of racing, meaning, being decent at road racing, triathlon and cyclocross. I would love to be equally as good in all three since these are the three main types of racing that I do along with the occasional few running races per year. Unfortunatley that isn't the case. Coming into cross this year I thought I was going to have a better season than last since I had a better triathlon season and my fitness was high. As cross is just about over now (last race this weekend) I can look back at the 15 races that I did and the ones that I felt good at, the ones that I really struggled at and the ones that I was pushed hard, sometimes much harder than I wanted to be by other racers, and it's been somewhat of a roller coaster cross season for me, but still much fun. My fitness has remained high throughout, but as of late my racing power has ebbed. I know I dont peak for the middle to later part of cross season like I should, but that's because I have only a few peaks per year, usually in the early season and one in the middle of tri season. It's hard to decide where you want to peak during the season. For me next season, I'm going to concentrate less on early season fitness and strength and work more on mid summer triathlon and then again peak for cross, I think it makes more sense for me. Cross is so big now it seems like the consistant crossers are really focusing on these 3 months and their training is really dialed in for it. It's hard to race at full tilt weekend after weekend especially when you have 45 races under your belt for the whole season, so the training has to be more defined for this type of racing. Road racing as everyone knows, allows you somewhat of a break and recovery during the race. Triathlon is similar to cross because your at your lactate threshold and above for the whole race, but your not jumping and chasing and putting out the power like you are at cross and of course there are no technical skills involved in triathlon either. Albeit, the three require speed and power, just in different ways and applications.

I look back at this season though and I can say that I raced reasonably well. I had a decent early season, an above average tri season but I started to fade later in cross. Tony and Scott got much stronger this year and so did Robert, that in itself is so worthwhile to see and be a part of. I also look at where I have been in the past and where I would like to be in the seasons ahead and I can still say that I love to ride my bike, train and race, and most of all, I can say I really enjoy the guys and gals that we go out on training rides with and the racers that we see just about every weekend, that's what keeps me coming back for more.

Thanks for reading everyone.


Dad S said...

Good blog. Like you say, it's hard to "do it all." I think your plan for next year is a good one. Your competitive spirit and love for the sport certainly is an inspiration. Keep up the good work.

Bill said...

Thanks Dad, your always so supportive, mucho appreciated!