Went down to Yellow Springs Saturday morning, it takes almost 4 hours to get there from my house so we headed out about 10:00 am to get there for about 2:00 pm to ride the course, check lines and do a few hot laps before settling into our motel room, get some food and hang out with family and friends for the rest of the evening. The course was hard and twisty with two short sand sections some gravel, two sections of singletrack and one set of barriers along with a couple of deceptively hard inclines. I raced the Cat.3 Mens 35+ Masters. They kinda lumped all the Cat.3's together which was the Open, 35 and 45+ Masters for a total of about 63 racers. They started us about 10 seconds apart and soon we were all toghether. We were second to go off and we mixed with the Open 3s and soon the 45+ fast guys were in the mix too, there were alot of guys out there. After all the bottleneck and logjams cleared we all got into our rythyms and it was racing as usual. I finished 9th. overall and 7th. Ohio rider in the 35+ group, but never felt like I had "good" legs. I think I'm ready for the season to be over. I think my body is telling me that all racing and training that I have did this year has caught up with me and rightly so, it's hard to keep on going month after month without much of a break. I need a battery recharge!

Tony did a helluva job in the Elite race. He finished 12th. overall and 10th. Ohio rider and still in the money. Matt was 2nd and Shawn 3rd. in a hella fast race with veteran road and cross racer John Card taking the win. Scott finished 4th in the Cat.4 Mens 35+ race just barely off of the podium for his first State Champs race, nice race man.

Last race of the season for Tony, Scott and me this weekend at Boughton Farm. We will still ride the cross bikes on the nursery roads after cross season but we are also looking forward to finding some new and exciting running and hiking trails to train on this winter, but just not at a Zone 5 pace.

See everyone this weekend.


DaisyDuc said...

What a year you guys have had! Way to go and best of luck this weekend!

Bill said...

Thanks Janet, you've had a great season too. Yea, 1 more to go to make 16 cross races since September. Cross is super hard but super fun too. Looking forward to tri training again though. Have a good one.