What a great morning

it was for a run. Scott, Tony and I drove to Vertical Runner in Hudson this morning to meet the large group that was meeting there for the Christmas Eve run and there were ALOT of runners there too by the time we arrived at 8 a.m.. Anyway Nate rolled in and we decided to head over to the Happy Days visitors center on 303 just inside the Cuyahoga Valley for a trail run instead of the road run that the group from Vertical Runner had planned. Just then a long time friend of mine and ex training partner Royden Kern walked in with his brother-in-law J.B. I was really surprised to see him since he lives in Lexington Kentucky, but it made sense because his family and his wife's family are from the Kent area and Royden and his family are up for Christmas. We then all decided to head to the Valley together. Nate showed us a very challenging but beautiful 9.6 mile loop with some awesome technical areas and some pretty steep hills. Everyone ran great and had a good time. Here's a post run picture.

Merry Christmas all.

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