Good stuff

lately. We've been running quite a bit since cross ended nearly 3 weeks ago with some longer road rides and a few nice nursery and off road rides thrown in too. The trail runs have been fun and challenging and the few longer road runs that we have did are just plain boring. There is no need to try to run fast on the trails due to the hills that get the heart rate up so we're just enjoying the trails and the friends that we've been running with. We plan on doing a 1/2 Marathon trail race this winter and a 15 mile trail race in the spring with a few shorter distance races as well.

We hooked up the power taps on the TT bikes the other day too, so when we're on the trainer we can see what we're doing and maintain some bike fitness, but for now, we're content on just riding along outside when we can and trying to stay off the trainer until absolutely necessary.

Tony and I did a swim workout yesterday for the first time in almost 4 months. Actually I wouldn't really call it a workout, we just got back in the water and tried our very best not to drown. We did some pulls, kicks and some 100 meter free sets until our shoulders had enough and said that's good for now. We're just going to take it easy in the water for a while, there's no need to get too excited about anything since out first tri isn't until May in Virginia and then it's not a very long one. So for now we're just having fun and not overdoing it staying fit and mixing it up.

Hope everyone had a terrific Christmas.

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