Lotsa running

lately and most of it has been on the trails. I was really looking forward to spending time on the trails after cyclocross was over and I have been doing just that. We're still riding but it's mostly been on the cross bikes in the nurseries and trails also which is great. We have about 2-3" of snow on the ground now so the offroad riding and running has been awesome. Today Tony and I did a 10k road run for the first "real" road run since triathlon season and the first longer run Tony has done since rolling his ankle a week before Boughton Farm. He ran very well and didn't seem to loose very much fitness, although he has been on the bike, it's nice to be 18 and recovery from injuries so fast..........
This Thursday morning we're heading to Hudson to Vertical Runner to meet up with the Crooked River Trail Runners for a Christmas Eve training run. Im not sure yet as to where we're going to run, but most likely on the trails in the CVNP. Looking forward to that.
Hope everyone is enjoying their off season so far and also to those that are still racing.

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