Good races, Not so good races

Kirtland Park is an awesome cyclocross venue. The spectating is great from just about any part of the course, especially from the top of the ampitheater when seated on the benches looking down on the racers making their way up from the bottom through the top and then back down again . You all know those benches, you have probably sat on them before at one time or another. Well I was really thinking about taking a seat on one of them at about the midway point of the race on Sunday. I enjoyed the climb to the top of the ampitheater and the tight lefthand corner at the top, it was technical and fun, but I seriously think if we would have continued to go straight and make the left past the benches and onto the sidewalk, I just might have stopped and grabbed a seat and became a spectator. I love this course and have did fairly well on it in previous races, but that wasn't the case this past Sunday. I could tell early on in the day that I wasn't going to have a good race. I climbed decent and rode the course well I just didn't have much power for some reason. It wasn't that I was blown anerobically I just couldn't put out the power necessary to be competitive, for whatever reason I dont know, it was just one of those days, I think we've all been there before. That's why I really appreciate the good days and the decent races that I have because thats what make me come back for more.

Congrats to all that raced and especially to Matt Weeks who is racing in another stratosphere right now. It's awesome to see how he has progressed in the past few years, hopefully he will only get stronger and faster as time goes on.

Just another quick note, SINCERE APOLOGIES go out to anyone that feels that they were shorted a lap in their race. There were unintentional timing errors and we do apologize for that.
We appreciate each and every racer that comes out and races and supports our series and we do not want anyone to feel that they did not get their money's worth at each race.
We see a Team Lake Effect timing clock on the start finish line for next season though......

Ohio State Championship races in Yellow Springs outside of Dayton this weekend, and don't forget about our Series Finale at Boughton Farm on December 6th.

Later everybody.

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