Beautiful weather graced us for race #7 in our Bike Authority / Lake Effect Racing CX series held at the Kent State Main Campus, Allerton Sports Complex. We had 130 racers total for all events and some big fields. We had racers from Pennsylvania and Indiana show up as well, thank you all for coming out and supporting, we hope everyone enjoyed the course in a demented sort of way.......
In the 55 man B field Robert was 8th overall and Scott was 13th. Both Robert and Scott raced strong and finshed the race in a sprint finish, great stuff guys! Kevin Ward made a race appearance and did very well. He was on the work team both Friday and Saturday and still raced and looked good. It was awesome to see you racing again Kevin, hope you finish out the season.

The 33 racer A field once again was stacked and very fast, but we had 3 Lake Effect teammates in the top 10. Shawn was 3rd. Kyle, 7th. and Tony was 8th. I had a decent race but crashed which cost me some positions once again that I wasnt able to regain, but I still managed to finish 19th. and on the same lap as the leaders. I think the racing this year is extremely harder and faster than in previous years. It could be combination of coaching plans along with the use of Power meters etc., but I do know I'm being pushed harder than ever before, (which is a good thing) I feel as long as I can still hang on in this race and be called "old man Marut" thats okay by me......

Next up is Kirtland Park this Sunday. See everyone this weekend.

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